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Preparing for an internship abroad? Do you want your internship to be an unforgettable experience? Do you love a cultural and lively student city and interacting with different cultures? Internship Jogja is the place to be to help you find just that and more.
Internship Jogja is the place where we connect growth-orientated individuals, who are looking for a new, unique experience. Internship Jogja offers you a chance to study in “Jogja Centre of the World”, cultural and educational capital of Java. We place students from all over the world right here in Jogjakarta (usually spelled Yogyakarta).
Internship Jogja offers you a way to study in Jogjakarta and finding the right placement, that is in line with your study. Through our broad network here in Jogja, we are  able to find you the perfect place. We will coordinate with you and offer you more than one place where you can choose from.
After finding you the right internship, our service and our work isn’t over yet. With an experienced team at Internship Jogja, we make sure you also get the assistance you need while living in Jogja, and give guidance to make sure you meet your university requirements. If you would like to know more, please find out here

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