About Internship Jogja

Internship Jogja is a placement agency based in Jogjakarta. Internship Jogja has been established in 2013 and holds office in Sewon, Bantul, Jogjakarta. Internship Jogja originated from the great demand of foreign students with a desire to do their internship in Jogja, Indonesia.
Internship Jogja provides students with an internship in Jogja, a placement that suits their study direction and meets the requirements from their respective university. Internship Jogja ensures that students have  an enjoyable, educational and successful period during their stay in Jogja.
An internship is a method of on-the-job training for  professional careers. Nowadays, almost every study requires an internship period during the Bachelor and/or Master studies. Generally, an internship consists of an exchange of services for experience between the student and an organization. Students can use an internship to determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain school credit.
The internship is a preparation for the future work as professional and a very important part of the study. An internship abroad offers a huge experience, because they work in a different environment and different culture.
Jogjakarta is the perfect place to do your internship. Besides the cultural and educational heart of the island of Java, the student town of Indonesia, Jogjakarta is also growing in many fields of expertise. This creates lots of opportunities for students to experience an internship abroad, in any field of study.
Finding the right internship requires the necessary attention, because not every company or institution is eligible for an internship. The companies and institutions must be screened first before it can become a part of the program of Internship Jogja. We select them based on several points. There has to be a certain guidance on the workplace to coach the student during the internship. Also, the place has to provide the availability for the student to work and learn on University level.
The team of Internship Jogja consists of experienced people with years of experience studying and working in Indonesia. We see every student as an individual and find him or her an internship that suits them personally and professionally.
After placement, our service isn’t over yet. We assist in practical things such as accommodation, transportation, visa matters and local guidance and assistance during the whole internship period.
During the internship the student will learn to take responsibility for their own learning process and can be supported by the coaching and guidance from our professional and qualified coach who does have a large record in Higher Professional Education and related fields.
Internship Jogja hopes for a good cooperation between universities, students and local businesses or organisations in Jogja. Internship Jogja will act as a link and will be ready for every student who wants to come to Jogja for an internship. We will guide them and ensure that the internship abroad is an unforgettable period.
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