Coaching and Guidance

The internship will prepare the student for future work as a professional. To take an internship abroad offers the opportunity to experience a different culture and to work in a different environment. This requires professional guidance for these cultural differences might complicate the learning process of the intern.
During the internship the student will learn to take responsibility for his/her own learning process and can be supported by the guidance of professionals like Frans Agerbeek and Leontine van der Heijden. Both do have a large record in higher education and related fields.
 Below a brief profile:
Frans Agerbeek (psychologist/supervisor/coach):
Is of Indonesian descent, born in Indonesia, but made his studies and career in the Netherlands. He currently resides already for more than a decade in Yogyakarta.
He has been a lecturer and trainer in various institutes and academies, specializing in assertiveness training, supervision, management coaching, communication and interaction, teambuilding, psychodrama. Frans is certified to give supervision to students in the field of pedagogy, andragogy, sociology and psychology.
Frans has been active for years in Yogyakarta at Yakkum, a rehabilitation center for physically disabled persons, as a consultant and trainer assertiveness.
Leontine van der Heijden (trainer/museum management):
Leontine has already been living for some time in Yogyakarta. She has always been very active in community work and education. And ….. she still manages a NGO for reconstruction and community development. At the moment she is very active in marketing and setting up a curriculum for an international school.
Besides the professional stuff, she is active with Reiki and meditation.
Both persons are working in cooperation with the Internship Jogja office.
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