There is a lot you need to know for your internship in Jogjakarta. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and the answers.

When should I apply?
Applying for an internship is easy. You can apply through our application form on our website.  If an internship is not directly available please allow us 2-3 weeks to find you the right placement. We strongly suggest you to start contacting us at least 3 months before you want come to Jogjakarta.
Do I have different choices? 
Yes you do. When we start looking for a suitable internship, we try to offer at least two options from which you can choose.
When should I pay?
Payment can be done after your arrival here in Jogjakarta. We do not require a downpayment. Once you have arrived in Jogjakarta, payment should occur before the actual intern takes place.
How should I pay?
Our prices are stated in Euro. Upon your arrival, you can pay in Euro, or in Indonesian Rupiah’s. We will use the current exchange rate.

Are there additional cost?
There are no hidden fees or additional cost. Please do note, that the monthly costs of accommodation, motorbike and visa, are not included in the package fee.
And what happens if you can’t find me an internship?
We try our best to find an internship for you in Jogjakarta. If, for some reason, we can not find you an internship, we will inform you accordingly.
Do I need a sponsor for my visa?
Yes, you do need a sponsor for your visa. We can assist with this. Please contact us for further information regarding the visa.
Will I get paid for my internship?
The offered Indonesian internships are generally not paid. This because it is not allowed under Indonesian Law. Only in very rare exceptions a small pocket money or transport or lunch costs are paid. You should not count on that and consider that in your budget.
Why take an unpaid internship ? 
An internship aims to provide practical, applicable work experience in your career field of choice. An internship allows you to further differentiate yourself from the rest not only by showing you have experience in a given field, but also that you have demonstrated your ability to live and work in a foreign culture. Also, an internship abroad is a personal enrichment of living and traveling abroad, meeting new people and learning how to live, work and play in a different environment.
Will I have free time during my internship ?
The company that you will be doing your internship will decide on if there is room for free time. It also depends on your requirements from school/ university and how strict you need to adhere to a certain schedule. Workdays in Indonesia are normally 5-6 days maximum, with one/two days off.
When is the best time to visit Jogjakarta?
Both seasons have their advantage in Jogjakarta. During the dry season from May to September are the most pleasant temperatures and is relatively windy. However, this is also the peak season and the streets and sights are very crowded. In the rainy season, which lasts usually from October to April, the temperatures can rise and it is often a violent, but also redemptive precipitation. During this time, Jogjakarta is generally not crowded with tourists.
How do I meet other students?
Jogjakarta is very popular for tourists, but also for students, volunteers and expats.
Internship Jogja on request also organizes activities for our own students. We organize introduction days by sufficient animo for new students and other fun activities for to get to know each other and share experiences.
How do I learn about the culture?
Jogjakarta has a beautiful and interesting culture. It is easy to learn about this and see culture related activities and ceremonies and exhibitions.
Do my electrical devices work in Indonesia?
Indonesian plugs have 220 Volt.
Can I withdraw money in Jogjakarta?
You can withdraw money in Jogjakarta at ATMs with an international debit or credit card (Visa, Cirrus, Master). Please ask your bank about international fees and possible restrictions. You can pay via credit card in restaurants, banks, travel agencies, supermarkets . However, it is recommended to take travelers checks and cash, especially if you want to  travel to the more rural areas. Currency in Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah.
Is Jogjakarta safe place to visit?
Jogjakarta is generally a safe city. But like any other tourist-populated cities, you should also take good care of your valuables, especially at the beach.
What vaccinations are recommended for Indonesia?
You should check your vaccinations for Tetanus, Measles, Polio, Diphtheria and Hepatitis A. The bigger cities and the touristic centers of  Java are said to be free of Malaria.
Can I use my mobile phone in Indonesia?
Of course. Just bring your mobile phone (SIM-LOCK free) and buy an Indonesian prepaid card.
– Country code for Indonesia: 0062
Do I have access to the internet?
There are quite a few internet cafés all over Jogjakarta where you can surf the net for decent prices and check your emails regularly. If you bring your own laptop, you can use Wifi, which is available in a lot of restaurants and cafés.
What about the average costs of living?
The costs of living naturally also depend on your lifestyle. Nevertheless, Jogjakarta is cheaper than European cities, and even one of the cheapest cities in Indonesia. Especially food, services and restaurants are really cheap. A room can be found for about 225 EUR a month, a motorbike about 100 EUR a month and visa extensions about 50 EUR a month. You should expect to need approximately 500 EUR a month.
What can I do in my leisure time?
Jogjakarta is a lively city with a lot of things to do. It is a youthful city, a true university town with all facilities for students. Culture, art and music lovers, in particular, will find it heaven. Take a batik or a dance course. In the evening hanging out on the famous and lively Malioboro street, or visiting one of the many beaches in the Bantul district. In short, plenty of activities.
Can I drive myself in Indonesia?
To drive in Indonesia you need an „International Driver’s License“, which needs to be presented when renting a scooter or a car.
Can I apply for an internship even if I do not speak Indonesian?
Yes, you can also apply for an internship in Jogjakarta even if you do not speak Indonesian. You should however, not forget that Indonesian is the official language.
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