How it works?

Step 1 – Have a look at
Please have a look to find our current placement opportunities. We preselect companies in order to guarantee quality placements. Moreover, if any proposition suits to request, contact us. We are constantly looking for new placement and can accentuate our research towards your individual requests.
So, if you don’t see a suitable internship on our website, it doesn’t mean we can’t find it for you!
Step 2 – Apply for an internship 
Apply for your internship by using our application form on the website. Through our application form we will get a clear and complete view of you, your requirements and wishes, and which services of the Internship Jogja package you wish to use.
Step 3 – Finding the internship
After sending your application form, we will be in touch within 3 working days to confirm we received your application. In order to advice the best placement regarding your requests, we might need to ask you some additional questions.
After this, we will approach companies who would like to be your host and where you can study/ work. It normally takes us 2-3 weeks to find the right placement for the student.
Therefore, we advise you to apply for your internship at least 3 months before you want to come to Jogja. However, if for some reason, you will come to Jogja sooner, we will speed up the process of your placement.
Step 4 – The agreement
We will get back to you with options regarding your internship. In this phase we will inform you the possible placements, job descriptions and other useful information. After agreeing to the placement, you can be brought into direct contact with your onsite guide, who will assist you during your internship at the company. The company might require an interview with you.
Step 5 – Paperwork
Once both parties agreed to the internship, it is time for the paperwork. Depending on the regulations of your school, we will assist you with filling in internship agreements, contracts and other necessary documents
Step 6 – Prepare your arrival
It is now time to book your flight and get ready to come to Jogja. Depending on your package, in this phase we will assist you with finding suitable accommodation and help with visa matters.
For an internship in Indonesia you need a “Limited stay” – Student Visa for educational purpose. You can apply for a visa at the Indonesian embassyin your country which is valid for 60 days and can be monthly extended at the local immigration office for 30 days every time up to 6 months. We provide you with the documents necessary to apply for the visa. What is needed:
  • Passport (minimum valid 6 months after arrival in Jakarta and at least two empty pages next to each other)
  • Sponsor letter (provided by Internship-Jakarta)
    Copy of KTP (provided by Internship-Jakarta)
  • 1 color picture
  • Request form of the embassy (
  • If you are a student: Original letter of the University
  • Copy of flight ticket with flight to and from Indonesia
for further detailed explanation see below.
If you chose the option of accommodation, according to your wishes and budget Internship Jakarta will offer you a suitable accommodation for you within reasonable reach of your internship location. We will inform you about regulations, pricing and facilities before we book anything. Once we have your approval, we will book it for you for the first month of your stay in Jakarta.
If your accommodation does not meet your requirements we can assist you to find a solution or alternative. It is up to you whether you want to stay there or look for something else.
After arrival, the student is directly in contact with the manager of the accommodation. Internship-Jakarta is not responsible for any issues between the student and the owner. Issues such as cancellation fees, contracts, lack of or broken facilities should be solved between the student and owner directly. We will only step us as a mediator between both parties.
Regarding visa and visa extension
Visa regulations and requirements for Indonesia can be very confusing. That is why we strive to provide you with the right information and be transparent regarding the procedure and related costs. We explain below the easiest, cheapest and most flexible option for doing your internship in Indonesia. To learn more about different options please read this page where we explain you the pro’s and cons more in detail.
For doing your internship in Indonesia the best option is to apply for a “Limited stay” – Student Visa for educational purpose. Application must be done at the Indonesian embassy in your country. If your stay in Indonesia is longer than 60 days, you will need to extend your visa on monthly basis, possible up to 6 months at the local immigration office in Jakarta. We will support you with this, however, it is the responsibility of the intern to hand your passport  to us at least 7 days before your visa expires*.
Visa Extension costs are
Rp 750.000 .per extension for extension 1 and 2
Rp 1.000.000 .per extension for extension 3 and 4

Internship Visa Explanation

Visa and KITAS is two different things. 
  • The Indonesian visa and permit system can be confusing. Not least because there are many different stories available and information is not transparent. Learn more about the pro’s and con’s for each type of visa and how we can help you to process yours according to your individual internship plans in Indonesia. We have identified the options available for those who want to do their internship in Indonesia and we will support you in the application process and extension process during your stay.
  • A visa is issued by an Indonesian Embassy or Consulate upon approval from the Immigration Office in Jakarta. A visa entitles the holder to travel to Indonesia and apply for admission; it does not guarantee entry.  An immigration officer at the port of entry determines the visa holder’s eligibility for admission into Indonesia.
  • An important points to be aware of is that a “limited stay” – student visa that is required for  internships in Indonesia falls under “educational activities” and is definitely not a work permit. If you do your internship in Indonesia you are not allowed to do any paid work activities. In case you decide you want to continue your career in Indonesia after doing one or more internships, we can inform you about the pro’s and con’s and visa requirements.
There are two types of Visa:
a. Visit Visa:
Visit Visa can be claimed for maximum 30 days and acquired based on two different ways, “On Arrival” (secured immediately on the airport) and “Single or Multiple Entry Visa” (secured in the Indonesian Embassy).
b. Limited Stay Permit Visa:
Limited Stay Permit Visa is divided into several indexes based on the purpose of stay, among others: for business, for social culture, for investment, for repatriation also for education  (which Internship included in this index).

Source: Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration







For doing your internship a kitas is NOT required as internships fall under “educational” activities.
Meanwhile, KITAS is Limited Stay Permit which you can use as a proof evidence of your existence in Indonesia. It is issued by Immigration Office where an expat domicile in.  By having this KITAS card then you will get some facilities from the Indonesian government, among others: opening an account in bank on your own name;  buying and owning a vehicle; allowing to have driver’s license (SIM) from the Indonesian police department; having personal tax payer registration number (NPWP) issued by taxation office.
Having acknowledge your needs to secure internship visa, we identify that you have three alternatives
  1. Single Visit Visa
    A holder of Single Visit Visa is given up-to 60 days stay and can be extended in Immigration Office for 5 (five) time, each extension will be given another 30 days stay
    – most flexible option
    – easy to extend in local immigration office after expiration;
    – easy to change sponsor after finishing your internship in case you want to do another internship;
    – cheapest solution.
  2. Multiple Visit Visa
    Multiple Visit Visa validity is one year, a holder of multiple visit visa is given up-to 60 days stay each visit and can’t be extended.
  3. Limited Stay Visa
    Generally limited stay visa will prevail in one year period of time, by having this type of Visa the interns can stay within one year without obligation to exit Indonesia or extend the visa.
    – Best solution in case you are sure to stay in Indonesia for an uninterrupted period of one year
    – Limited flexibility
    – need additional exit permit for interim travel outside Indonesia;
    – not easy to change sponsor after finishing your internship in case you want to do another internship;
Step 7 – On arrival
We can arrange airport pickup for you if you wish.
On your first day, we will bring you to your internship and introduce you to your hosting company.
Our services are charged only after signing the contract with the internship host company abroad. Our services are free until the signing of a contract period**.
For questions; please see our FAQ page on this website or contact us directly.
*If you hand it to us too late and cost for overstay are involved, these costs are for your own.
**Last minute cancellations after agreed on the internship will be charged with our basic package fee of 5,000,000 IDR
There is no risk to apply and pass interviews!
100% satisfaction guaranty!
What are you waiting for? Apply now for your dream internship in Jogja!
For questions; please see our FAQ page on this website or contact us directly.
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