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Volunteer Yogyakarta and get a flavour of what Jawa has to offer. Yogyakarta is culturally extremely rich, either modern or traditional Javanese.

We offer mainly volunteer programs for individuals interested in short-term volunteer programs (2 weeks – 3 months) in social institutes for development issues, centres for disabled people, sportclubs, local schools (English conversation), etc. Volunteering is all about making a greater contribution. Giving back and gaining lots too. By volunteering at a project, you are making a positive difference to the lives of others. You don’t need specific qualifications or skills to volunteer either – just a desire to lend a hand, immerse yourself and learn more about what life is like elsewhere in the world. Volunteering means volunteer work based on your own will to make impact for something goods. Volunteers work hard and do not get paid. Volunteers handle their private time management and do their best to help. Being volunteer requires commitment and self-awareness.

A volunteer trip abroad will definitely change you. Change the way you look at other cultures. Maybe even change what you want to do with your life.Leave behind the tourist books and make a real connection to people and families abroad. Share ideas and a meal with them and learn about local culture and traditions. Provide support at local schools and community-led organizations.

But…..also take the opportunity to learn about daily life, language, local cooking style, batik, wayang, traditional and modern Javanese dance, Javanese gamelan; a lot of things to do and to learn.

Keep in mind that when you are applying as a volunteer, it means that you agree to take responsibilities without getting paid and will reduce your ‘party’ time.But don’t worry, by becoming a volunteer, you will also get so much benefits for your self-development. You will find a new more compassionate way in your life, which will lead you to socialize better. And at the end of your volunteer period, we will provide a certificate stating that you have completed a particular volunteer project.

Put it on your CV. Volunteering in a complete different culture will also have benefits for the future.

As for the costs, the same construction as for the internship; only the volunteer fee will be a little less: € 250, -. And please note that it is volunteering, not an internship. If you are interested in our volunteer program please fill out the volunteer interest form behind this link. 

So if you are looking for opportunity as an volunteer but still have questions, we recommend you to email us via the form below…

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